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What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Posted by admin on Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Standing Seam Metal RoofStanding seam metal roofs are a particular type of metal roofing that is made up of panels that are held together in place by small clips at the seam. The clips are configured to remain raised or standing above the level of the metal panels, hence the term "standing seam". These seam clips can be anywhere from 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch high, and snap over the edges of the panels. They are fastened into the roof using a screw. A thin sheet of metal is then placed over the clips where the two metal roof panels meet. This conceals the joint, and the only thing you can notice is a smooth, continuous ridge running from top to bottom of the roof.

What Are the Different Styles of Standing Seam Metal Roof?

There are four basic styles of standing seam metal roof panels:

One Piece Snap-Lock

In this style, two metal roof panels snap together to form a "standing" seam. There is no additional seaming, which makes a snap-lock standing seam vulnerable to uplift pressures and, therefore, a poor choice for regions with frequent windstorms. But it works great for decked applications with slope gradients of 3:12 and greater.

Two Piece Snap-Lock

In this standing seam style, a batten or cap is used to join two metal roof panels. The cap snaps down into a clip (butterfly), thereby concealing the joint. This style is more versatile as it allows panels to be installed bi-directionally, which is particularly useful in tapered and curved roof designs. But the installation requires a solid deck with a suitable underlayment, which makes it more costly.

Mechanically-Seamed Hydrostatic Panels

This style is also referred to as structural standing seam roof. It involves the use of a mechanical seaming tool to engage two standing seam metal roof panels. Mechanically-seamed panel systems provide superior uplift resistance, and can be tapered or curved.

Symmetrical Mechanically-Seamed Panels

This is the latest and most innovative standing seam metal roofing option. The style uses fixed clips and two-piece symmetrical standing seam roof panels, combining the toughness of a mechanical seam and the versatility of a two piece snap-lock panel.

Standing seam metal roof can be pre-formed or site-formed. Pre-formed or prefabricated standing seam panels are assembled in the factory or off-site of the house being roofed. Site-formed standing seam roof panels are crafted on-site by means of mobile forming machinery. The rolls of metal are run through the machines, which crimp the sheets of metal into smooth, rigid panels. The panels can be anywhere from 12 to 19 inches wide, and are usually manufactured from aluminum or Galvalume-coated steel.

Why Choose a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

While standing seam metal roofing is typically used in commercial-type buildings, it has become increasingly popular with homeowners. This is probably due to its many benefits, including:

1. Durability. Will last you many years. It uses very strong, durable materials with a long lifespan and superior ability to withstand elements.

2. Low maintenance. Standing seam metal roofs requires little maintenance. The panels are leak-proof, and will not blow off during a storm or rot away. All they need is occasional re-painting to cover scratches and sun damage.

3. Versatility. This type of metal roofing is well suited for all buildings. It can also be installed over existing roof systems. In addition, it's available in varying styles.

4. Visual appeal. This type of metal roofing is very attractive. It offers a special appeal, especially when installed on front porches. It's also available in a wide range of colors for you to choose.

5. Insulation. Like other metal roofing systems, a standing seam metal roof reflects sun's heat, thereby preventing solar heat gain.

6. Energy efficiency. To improve energy efficiency, standing seam metal roof can be fitted with as much insulation as required. This will help reduce utility bills and prevent moisture buildup.

7. Weight. Like other metal roofing systems, this particular type of metal roof is light in weight than conventional roofing materials.

8. Reduced noise levels. A standing seam retrofit creates an attic space that helps realize a quieter environment inside a house. Adding proper insulation reduces noise levels even more.

9. Increased home value. A strong roof that is both leak- and rust-proof can go a long way in improving the value of a home. This is exactly what you'll get with this type of roofing.

10. Cost benefits. While a standing seam metal roof is typically not the cheapest roofing option to install, it offers unmatched costs advantages when you consider the periodic repairs, maintenance, and shorter life expectancy of traditional roofing systems.


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