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What to do About Your Asbestos Roof Removal

Posted by admin on Monday, 17 October 2011


Asbestos Roof


Use Jones Roofing for a Healthy Environment

Do you have an asbestos roof in Brisbane?  Time to do something about it!  

If your house was constructed before 1987 we can help.   Jones Roofing offers professional solutions to keep your roof free from asbestos and safe from health hazards.

Jones Roofing has many years of experience and offers advanced roofing services.  We offer residents and businesses in Brisbane the best roofing problem solutions.  

Asbestos in your home or work area should never be compromised.   Asbestos has caused countless health problems for thousands of people.  Therefore removing it from your home, including your roof, must be a first order priority.

Asbestos poisoning is an ever present risk, therefore, the only way to totally eliminate the risk is to remove it safely for all time. 

Approximately more than one-third of all homes and businesses constructed prior to 1987 contain asbestos material.

Medical research has shown that asbestos is a dangerous health hazard which has no known cure to date. Exposure to asbestos poses serious medical risks and there is no safe level of exposure to this deadly material.

Asbestos disposal and removal is regulated by Queensland laws. Jones Roofing keeps updated about the latest Australian regulations that controls asbestos removal practices. This ensures that all work carried out is fully compliant with existing laws.

Why You Should Choose Jones Roofing for Your Asbestos Removal Requirements:

Here are key reasons why you should chose Jones Roofing:  

  • 16 year track record in professional roof asbestos removal services
  • Unparalleled track record in handling asbestos roof, floor and walls
  • Health and safety certified
  • Experienced roofing professionals employed to do your job
  • Excellent customer service – after the job has been completed
  • Licensed and Insured 


Asking for references or actively researching for prior work completed by the asbestos roof removal company is a good way of ensuring that you’re only getting the best services for your needs. Enlisting the services of a highly qualified Brisbane asbestos roof company offers you the best solution to all your asbestos removal concerns.

Jones Roofing offers a wide variety of quality roofing services that include roof repair, steel roof, color-bond roofing, guttering, metal roofing and other roofing services in Brisbane.


Jones Roofing is here to help you identify solutions to your Brisbane residential or commercial asbestos concerns. We can provide you with personalized and targeted solutions depending on your homes’ current state or local weather conditions. Jones Roofing in Brisbane, Australia is geared to provide residential and commercial establishments with the best asbestos removal service.

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