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Colorbond Roofing Colours

Posted by admin on Saturday, 30 March 2013

What Colorbond Roofing Colours Are Available?

colorbond-roofing-colours-chartMany people hesitate to choose metal roofing because they are worried that the colours that are available in this type of roofing won't go with the style or exterior decor of their home. However, there really is little cause for concern because there is a large array of Colorbond roofing colours available to choose from and these colours range from neutral shades to green and reds.

Colorbond Colour Range

There 20 different Colorbond roofing colours you can choose from if you are having a steel roof put onto your home or other building, these colours include:

  • Surfmist- a pale gray .
  • Evening Haze- This is a shade of khaki a beige shade with a tinge of green.
  • Shale gray- A very pretty light to medium shade of gray.
  • Classic cream- The name pretty much says it all.
  • Dune- This Colorbond color is really not much different than the shale gray. 
  • Windspray- A true gray shade.
  • Pale Eucalypt- This is an almost olive green.
  • Sandbank- Think of a flat antique gold color.
  • Paperbark- Best described as a very light tan.
  • Bushland- another shade of gray with just a touch of brown.
  • Ironstone- kind of a grayish brown 
  • Wilderness- A greenish gray color
  • Jasper- looks a bit like milk chocolate.
  • Headland- a pale shade of brick red
  • Woodland gray- Reminds one of tree trunks
  • Deep ocean- A funky navy blue shade
  • Cottage green- this is kind of a forest green shade. 
  • Loft- brown
  • Manor red- a deep brick red shade.
  • Monument- just a shade darker than loft.

Metallic Steel Roof Colours

Colorbond roof colours also comes in 6 metallic steel roof shades. These shades include:

  • Cortex- a kind of brownish gray
  • Skybridge- a lovely shade of pale blue with the tiniest touch of gray.
  • Axis- an extremely pale dusty rose shade.
  • Conservatory- A beautiful true gray
  • Facade- a grayish brown
  • Citi- the color of gray of many office buildings.

Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

The different shades of Colorbond roofing is inspired by Australia itself. The shades used in this metal roofing are taken and inspired from the creeks and rivers of this beautiful country as well as the mountains, bushland, and beaches. Best of all, like the land itself, Colorbond roofing colors are baked on to help keep the colour year after year even under the harsh Australian sun.

Colorbond steel is resistant to weather and termites and is high in performance and low in maintenance. Best of all there is a shade to match every building décor imaginable and they come in just about every metal roofing profile options that is available.

We have a handy Colorbond colour chart you can use to help decide on the right colour for your roof here.



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