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Brisbane Roofing Contractor Says: ‘A Modern and Strong Roof is Vital’

Posted by admin on Wednesday, 7 September 2011

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Before you can choose a Brisbane Roofing Contractor it is helpful to understand the role your roof plays in the overall integrity of your home.

A roof is a protective canopy for your house. Therefore the better the roof, the more protection there is for your house.

Your roof should be tough and durable so it can withstand unanticipated disasters. A well designed house with the right type of roof can easily handle adverse and severe climactic events.

Technological advances now mean that better roof protection is available.

Lightning, extreme wind, hailstorms and torrential rain can be dangerous for you and your family, not to mention the damage that can be inflicted on your house.

Not All Roofs Are the Same – Why Jones Roofing Favours Metal Over Tiles and Other Materials

Apart from its obvious strength, durability and style, a metal roof has the ability to withstand severe hail storms, thereby preventing hail from breaking through (which often happens with tiles and asbestos).

What to Look For in a Brisbane Roofing Contractor.

Many companies now offer modern roofing solutions, so the challenge then becomes: ‘how to find the right contractor for you’

Whether you are constructing a new house, or looking to repair an existing one, it is vital you choose the RIGHT contractor to do the job. Therefore it is vital you research the market place to find a reputable contractor to do the job.

Look at how long the contractor has been in a business – a contractor that has been in business for many years is always a good sign.

The company should also use the best roofing materials, such as BlueScope steel, to offer you more security.

It is critical that the right decision is made at the outset, so as to prevent problems that may come back to haunt you in the future.

Check the contractor’s references, insurances and BSA documents. Also, ensure the company offers a strong guarantee, and a warranty backed by an Australian company.

Not only should the contractor use premium quality materials, they should also deliver excellent craftsmanship. You must get value for money that delivers an attractive roof and long term protection for you and your house.

A good roofing contractor will give you an accurate assessment of your existing roof, and whether your best options are for reroofing or a new roof.

Another important point is that you should determine if the contractor is a residential specialist. Some contractors work in the commercial, industrial markets, then when it gets quiet try their hand at residential. This lack of specialisation can result in poor quality workmanship.

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