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Metal Roof Types

Posted by admin on Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Metal Roof TypesRoofs are an integral part of any home design. More than its aesthetic contribution, roofs keep our families safe and protect our properties from exposure to the elements. Metal roof types are just some of the roofing materials available for homes and businesses. These can be considered the best roofing materials 

There are a variety of metal roof types that are... Read More

Guttering Brisbane – Choosing the Right Gutter Repair and Maintenance Company in Brisbane

Posted by admin on Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gutters are among the most important parts of a home or a commercial building. Unfortunately, gutters are often taken for granted especially during home maintenance. 

Good and reliable gutters can make an infrastructure weather proof. On the other hand, damaged and nonperforming gutters can lead to even far greater damages in insulation... Read More

Ceiling Insulation Brisbane - What You Need to Know

Posted by admin on Thursday, 26 Apr 2012

Ceiling Insulation BrisbaneCeiling insulation keeps your home’s temperature steady during extreme weather conditions. Installing insulations regulates the heat inside your home during the winter and keeps the heat out during hot summer days.

Installing ceiling insulation in your homes could cost you a few hundred dollars... Read More

Commercial Roof Repairs - Finding the Right Contractor

Posted by admin on Monday, 16 Apr 2012

Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof repairs and maintenance are important especially to business establishments. Commercial roof repairs are critical not just to the overall look of your building but as well as to its longevity. While you can repair and maintain your building’s roof by yourself or with the help of hired roofers and carpenters, there... Read More

What to do About Your Asbestos Roof Removal

Posted by admin on Monday, 17 Oct 2011


Asbestos Roof

... Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Jones Roofing

Posted by admin on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011

Jones Roofing Logo

1. Metal Roof Specialists

Unlike many of our competitors we focus on one thing: metal roofing. This means we know everything there is to know about solving roofing problems, using metal.

2. Sixteen Year Track Record

Some people think they can jump into this industry... Read More

Brisbane Roofing Contractor Says: ‘A Modern and Strong Roof is Vital’

Posted by admin on Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011

Jones Roofing Logo

Before you can choose a Brisbane Roofing Contractor it is helpful to understand the role your roof plays in the overall integrity of your home.

A roof is a protective canopy for your house. Therefore the better the roof, the more protection there is for your house.... Read More



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