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Benefits and Disadvantages of Aluminum Roofing

Posted by admin on Monday, 29 July 2013

Aluminium RoofingIn the past few years, aluminum roofing has gained popularity among homeowners because of the numerous benefits that this building material offers. For instance, roofs made of aluminum are durable, attractive, energy-efficient and reasonably-priced. Although aluminum was the least preferred material for roofs decades ago, more and more people are discovering the great features of this type of metal. Moreover, recent improvements have addressed and resolved concerns about the structural issues and expensive price of aluminum.

Key Reasons to Use Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is among the few types of metal that is increasingly regarded as excellent roofing materials for homes and commercial buildings. The following are some of the reasons why more people choose aluminum instead of other architectural materials:

1. Aluminum is energy-efficient, as compared to other roofing materials.

One of the top benefits of aluminum roof is its energy-efficient features, which can help reduce your utility bills. During the warm months, you no longer need to leave your air conditioning unit on for several hours because aluminum roof can reflect more amount of sunlight unlike other materials. In fact, it can reflect over 90 percent of sunlight that is likely to heat up your home even more.

2. This type of metal can resist fires.

If ever your home catches fire, you will appreciate the fact that your roofing is made of aluminum. Most homes that use wood, asphalt or several other materials for the shingles tend to burn quickly once ignited, and this can spread the fire easily. On the other hand, roofing made of aluminum are non-combustible, so it is impossible for it to be ignited by sparks or fire coming from the chimney.

3. Aluminum prevents accumulation of snow that can cause damages to your property.

During the winter season, some areas are prone to experience heavy snowfall and this can lead to accumulation of snow to your roof. Unfortunately, snow that fails to drain properly may freeze and cause serious damages to your property. If you have aluminum roof in your home, snow will just slide off to the ground instead of collecting and remaining in your roof.

4. It is easy to install aluminum roofs.

Another key advantage of aluminum roofing is its quick installation feature. In fact, aluminum is the lightest one you can find, so it is hassle-free to install it directly, as compared to other types of material. Thus, you can save more time and money when it comes to removing or replacing your existing roof in case you plan to install aluminum roofing.

5. Aluminum can withstand hailstorms and severe weather conditions.

Even during extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms, there is nothing to worry about if your roofing is made of aluminum. This material is unlikely to break or split even when hit by large pieces of hail because it is sturdy and is able to resist such harsh elements. 

Disadvantages of Aluminum Roofs

One of the main disadvantage of aluminum roof is the cost since it is more expensive than other types of materials including steel and zinc. Moreover, some people complain about the noise it generates during a heavy rainfall or hailstorm. Thus, you will need to install another solid sheathing underneath your aluminum roof to minimize the noise caused by these natural elements.

Although aluminum roof never rusts, the material will eventually appear dull after several years. This means, you will be compelled to apply paint on the roofing to improve its appearance. Aside from the expenses in buying paint for the roofing, you may have to hire professionals who can work on the roof for the painting job.

Most roofers are experienced when it comes to installing popular materials such as zinc and metal. However, you may realize that only a few roofers are skilled in installing aluminum roofing. In addition, you may need to find a professional who can repair your roof when there is need to do so.

Lastly, aluminum is prone to denting when too much force is applied to it. Harsh elements are also bound to cause dents on your aluminum roof such as heavy hailstorms, so this is something you should consider before having this type of material installed in your roof.

Bottom Line

Make it a point to weigh the pros and cons of aluminum roof before choosing this material for your home. By analyzing the benefits and drawbacks that this material offers, you can make an informed decision in determining the right roofing material that meets your needs and standards.


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